Part Time Outsourced Marketing Support Results in Full Time Success

  • Gain an experienced advocate for promoting your business and future success.
  • Save on overhead by eliminating the need for a full-time marketing position.
  • Alleviate pressure on executives pressed into handling marketing initiatives.
  • Brainstorm new ideas to improve communications and employ more effective tactics.
  • Maximize success by strategically planning marketing around products/services and competition.
  • Enhance your existing communications program through a professional critique.
  • Add new prospects, improve close rates and profitability, and increase customer retention.
  • Streamline communications and messaging, making them more effective and memorable.
  • Implement metrics and measurable tactics to increase ROI.
  • Apply objective strategic thinking to help executives who are "too close" to the situation.
  • Work collaboratively within your team to meet corporate objectives.

Why MarketingGhost?

Customers are the lifeblood of any company. Today, when most every business niche is filled and communications channels are cluttered, attracting and retaining customers is a challenge that requires expert attention.

Many clients I work with have responded to these volatile economic times by going "lean" and eliminating their expensive, in-house marketing departments. The fact remains, if your business is to survive and thrive, marketing spends need to be efficient and yield results. Instead of entrusting this vital function to an overworked owner or an untrained employee, they call me to put their marketing program back where it belongs – in the hands of a seasoned professional. Once a marketing program is entrusted to me, my clients feel relief. After brainstorming with key stakeholders at your firm, I will introduce ideas you may never have imagined, and I'll organize a marketing program that will improve your Return On Marketing Investment.

MarketingGhost Is Affordable

My outsourced marketing services are paid monthly with no long-term obligation, so my success always hinges on your success. I am passionate about marketing, curious about new tactics and driven to succeed. Using innovative, traditional and Internet marketing tactics, I will drive more leads, inquiries and sales revenue to your company.

For as little as $2,500 a month, MarketingGhost will become your dedicated outsourced marketing department. Whether you need help with a new product launch, want a professional to review an important PowerPoint presentation, or plan to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, I will bring valuable expert marketing leadership to your company.


MarketingGhost’s outsourced marketing services are flexible and require a minimum of only 10 hours per month. Creative services can be provided, or I’ll work with your own vendors. Marketing consultations may be delivered by phone, webcam, or in person according to your needs. I offer complete commitment to your success in gaining new customers, attracting repeat business and securing customer loyalty.

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