Increase Company Valuation with a Strategic Marketing Plan and Rebrand

By Woody Stoudemire

There are many facets involved in successfully selling a business.

Potential buyers look for these:

  • Formalized business strategy
  • Strong brand
  • Proven strategic marketing plan
  • Repeatable process
  • Family of unique, differentiated products
  • Good year-over-year revenue growth rate
  • List of repeat customers
  • Positive cash flow

Another important element potential buyers will consider is a managerial team or at least a second-in-command who can dependably run the business in the absence of the present ownership.

Marketing Adds Value

Marketing can significantly increase business valuation. Any buyer wants assurance of future revenues. You can solidify that perception with a strong, identifiable brand and a strategic marketing plan that has proven ROI.

Good marketing accentuates the unique differences in products and carries the message to the market through multiple advertising, public relations, and direct sales tactics. The result is a positive impact on recurring revenue, positive cash flow, annual growth rate, and increased repeat customers.

Before you begin seriously exploring an exit strategy, let’s discuss how we can maximize the selling price of your business through smarter marketing.

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HICKORY, North Carolina – When Dean Cline decided to embark on a complete re-branding of Hickory-based Cline Associates after 20 years in business, he described the company as “a small company with limited knowledge of marketing.”

This is a position many local businesses find themselves in: highly skilled in their area of expertise, but uncertain of how to market that expertise to the public.

Rather than relying on trial and error, Cline decided to call in an expert.

“We needed to update everything from logo and business cards to the design of the website,” says Woody Stoudemire, owner and marketing consultant at MarketingGhost, “constantly focusing on the reputation Cline Associates had already spent years successfully building. I look at the results as a step toward an even brighter future.”

The updated website design features prominently displayed testimonials from happy clients, profiles of the Cline Associates team members and their years of experience, and easy-to-navigate descriptions of services offered.

“Woody provided the creative influence for all facets of our re-launch,” Cline stated after the project was unveiled, “it was great to have Woody take our ideas and turn them into something that any large corporation would be proud of.”

MarketingGhost provides marketing consultation and services to small and mid-sized businesses across the country. Because it works on a flexible, part-time basis, MarketingGhost’s clients get the benefit of a professional marketing director’s expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing director.

Woody Stoudemire has directed business-to-business and consumer marketing initiatives for more than two decades. In addition to MarketingGhost, he also owns Gotham LLC and X-Factor Web Marketing. Information about MarketingGhost is available at 828-244-6552 or

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